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Chris Wilson
529 Harmony Rd
Jonesborough, TN 37659
423-753-2223  or  423-483-1170
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Clover Creek Hairsheep 

"Farming in Harmony with Nature"

    We are a small family owned farm, in Northeast Tennessee, near Jonesborough (Tennessee's oldest town). We have been raising hairsheep for over 20 years, starting with only 5 ewes. We have kept a closed flock, and only bring in rams from trusted sources. The flock has grown to as many as 500 at times. Using a grass based rotational grazing system, lambs are never separated from their mothers, and they are allowed to wean naturally and finish on grass. They are never confined to a feed lot. We selectively breed for natural parasite resistance and optimum muscle quality.  This has resulted in being able to offer superior breeding stock, as well as lamb cuts with the health benefits of all natural grass finished meat . Antibiotics, hormones, and/or steroids are never used.  All of our sheep are a Katahdin/Dorper cross .
     We also maintain a flock of free range laying hens, never fenced or caged. They are allowed to feast on a natural diet and thus produce the best eggs possible. We are proud to be an Animal Welfare Approved farm.